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Sep 23, 2012 3:34pm EDT
they really looked into it. a couple of days ago with the whole thing in libya. it was really quick, right away. it really bothered me because i would like our leader to think about things. >> at times, it seems a very ambiguous and confusing. negative. >> what most disappointed about this campaign? >> i think talking points. i am so incredibly frustrated with talking points. i am actually frustrated with the media. if you are going to ask a question, make sure that it is answered. don't let them know you down with talking points and never get around. >> what frustrates you? >> i am not really frustrated. >> ok. >> i am not frustrated because? >> i think i am still young and politics is still kind of new. this is only my third presidential thing i have been thing attention to. everything seems like it is going the way it should be going 10 nothing seems out of the ordinary or bad or good in that respect. >> charlie, do agree with ben? >> i am not frustrated by anything. i do disagree with the whole campaign seems to be about sound bites. but, no, i am not frustrated. >> anybody else disapp
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1